Monday, January 4, 2010

From Wednesday Addams to Cricket Montgomery : Lisa Loring

Lisa Loring went from cute child actress on The Addams Family 
to gorgeous vixen on As The World Turns!   My recollection...
Back around 1981 or so, my friend Herb and I were talking about the Addams Family and the Munsters. As readers of this blog know well, I am a fervent supporter of the Munsters Camp, but did watch the Addams Family as well, especially to see Carolyn Jones as Morticia. I wondered aloud what had ever happened to her, and Herb piped up, “Hey, she’s on this one soap opera that my mother watches- this one political soap called CAPITOL!” I went kind of, “Whaaa?” and he said that the show would be on later on in the day (about 2:30), and we could check it out! Well, it came on, and  I have to say it was a pretty interesting show, although it was a shock to see Carolyn Jones looking more like Endora than Morticia!

At some point watching Capitol, Herb suddenly remembered something else about our initial conversation. “Hey, I just remembered - that girl who played Wednesday is on As The World Turns!” I said “What, you’re talking Lisa Loring?  How old is she now?” He thought about it and said “I dunno, probably 20 years old or so…but I think you’re gonna like it...She plays this chick called Cricket Montgomery, and she’s SUPER PRETTY!”

  Well, that was all I needed to hear, and we tuned in to As The World Turns, but  it was anticlimactic as Cricket didn’t appear in that particular episode. It wasn’t until a few days later that I was up at Herb’s house with the television going on in the background when he finally pointed  to the TV and said- “There! That’s Wednesday Addams!” I quickly ran to the set and saw Lisa Loring in all her grown–up glory. Herb wasn’t kidding- She was FINE! Cute little Wednesday Addams had grown up into a gorgeous BABE!
We actually ended up tuning in to CAPITOL  and AS THE WORLD TURNS a bit during that summer, There were pretty interesting storylines going on, and with pretty actresses like Kimberly Beck-Hilton and Deborah Mullowney on CAPITOL, what’s not to love?  Throw in Lisa Loring in AS THE WORLD TURNS, and you had a pretty full soap watching schedule- and there was still gals like Eileen Davidson on The Young And The Restless to discover! Ahahahahha…
  Nowadays you can still find Lisa Loring appearing at conventions and events, still supporting her fans, and there's even a cool video clip of her on TV Land reminiscing about her child star days back in the sixties! Check It Out!